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       Holiday Sparkle
The magic of the season and twinkling just go together. This season, however, expect to see a little less glitter and a little more snow- tipped branches, metallic accents, and understated shimmer and shine.
“Silver will still be prevalent, but gold is coming on strong,” noted Melrose’s Fetgatter. “Not a glittery gold or shiny
   brassy gold, though; this year, we’ll see a more toned-down gold.”
There will also be snow, frost and icy treatments on foliage and products for a shimmery, winter e ect. LED lights will continue to adorn wall
art and other holiday décor for an additional twinkle at any time of year.
Rustic, farmhouse, vintage... whatever the name, this trend evokes a warm, cozy sentiment, looking back to a simpler time with a focus on family, hearth and home, and the wonder of the winter season. Look for
this trend style across holiday exhibitors on the Dallas Market Center campus in the form of natural materials, rustic colors; homespun and handmade; a weathered look and feel. Expect
palettes, weathered woods and galvanized metals, zincs and pewters, for example.
For Midwest-CBK, farmhouse depicts a “contemporary spin on country with a limited palette of black and white with hints of red. Simple farmhouse style meets Christmas,” said Traci Auger, director of creative services for the company.
7 to see plaids, washed reds and greens and other muted color
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