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Seale decided to give her retail dream a chance and opened The Gypsy Wagon—after realizing she was unhappy as a salesperson in the medical  eld. She was inspired by her college mentor, Harold Powell, an iconic retailer in Norman, OK. Powell opened Harold’s Stores in Norman in 1948. Over 60 years, he operated more than 50 stores in 22 states. He died in 2016 at age 92.
When she made her decision, however, Seale didn’t know the Great Recession was about to take hold of the global economy. For someone else, it would have seemed the cards were stacked against her. But not for Seale.
“We opened right before the recession started, and it turned out to be a blessing,” she said. “I was learning retail and the business in an environment where I could learn and no one was paying attention to me.
That business turned out to be quite successful. The Gypsy Wagon quickly outgrew its inaugural 1,200-square-foot location inside of a tattoo parlor in a “beat up little building that we tried to make cute” Seale
said. They moved to a larger spot in Dallas, which is now their current location on North Henderson Ave. There are additional locations in Crested Butte, CO (2012), Austin (2015), and Houston (2017).
As for expanding outside of Texas, it was an easy decision to open The Gypsy Wagon in Crested Butte because it’s a beautiful vacation spot. From there, customers starting requesting high-end hostess gifts
for when they stay with friends in the area. That gave Seale the idea to launch a separate concept—ROAM Fine Goods. It opened in summer 2017 featuring higher-end gifts and everyday  ne jewelry.
She has since opened a ROAM location in Dallas as well. Seale said she has additional retail concept ideas focused on voids she sees in the market. Those are staying under wraps for now.
To cater to her customers in both store settings, Seale mixes old-fashioned, in-store customer service with modern touches such as a vibrant Instagram feed, keeping today’s shoppers engaged and coming back for more. “For me the joy of retail is being able to service a customer. You have to do that in person, and I think people still want that. The Gypsy Wagon is growing because people want to get away from their computers [and shop in store].”

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