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  DF: How d0 you  nd your inspiration on Pinterest
and turn it into reality in your home?
DK: I honestly get lost. There is no rhyme or reason in my approach. I love  nding people that have similar taste or even architects who I admire. People are astonishing. Sharing images
is the greatest gift ever. When I go on Pinterest, I  nd it so easy to get lost on people’s pages for hours. One pin leads to another and another.... It’s magical, and the inspiration for me is never-ending.
DF: How did you  nd the just the right styles and pieces?
DK: I’m a picker at local  ea markets. But I also have help from my sister Dorrie Hall of Monterey Garage. She has an amazing eye.
I also frequent some stores in LA like Obsolete, Gallery Half
and Big Daddy.
DF: What prompted you to share your home with the world
in this book? How do you think it will help others?
DK: I thought it was a concept that we could all relate to. The visual on Pinterest sparks more creativity inside me. I think we all know what we individually like but Pinterest helps categorize it for us. It is truly amazing.
DF: What advice would you give about leveraging
Pinterest as inspiration?
DK: I’m not one to give advice. I just say follow your impulses and make it happen!
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